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Animation Film | NFTS | 2021

Everything is Good

Directed & Written by

Neeraja Raj

A young woman returns home to an unwelcome presence lurking within the familiar walls of her house. As she grapples with the eerie entity cohabiting her space... we, the audience, come to realize it's a metaphor for her struggles with depression. Ignoring her deteriorating mental state only fuels the creature's strength, compelling her to confront her inner demons in a gripping dance at midnight.

Director's Statement

In 'Everything is Good', I explore the haunting reality of living with depression through the lens of a young woman. Drawing inspiration from my own life and fueled by a desire to shed light on mental health struggles, I chose stop-motion animation to capture the tangible essence of Depression.


The visceral nature of this medium allows me to convey the weight of emotional pain and the suffocating presence of unresolved inner turmoil. My hope is that this film serves as a beacon of courage for those navigating similar challenges, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey towards healing.

Production History

The film was conceived in my first year at NTFS, UK. A collaborative endeavour between Director and Writer, it emerged from the convergence of two distinct characters: 'Tsk' (my inky dark creature) and Vanessa Rose's Nadia (the young woman struggling in a big city).


'Tsk' was born from a haunting news article recounting the surreal tale of a homeless woman who secretly inhabited a man's closet for a year, a narrative that lingered in my mind for years and found its expression in our film.

Behind the scenes

Festivals Selections

  • 15th LICHTSPIELKLUB British Shorts Film Festival (Berlin, Jan '22)

  • Mithiwood Film Festival 2022 (Mumbai, India, Jan '22)

  • Thessaloniki Free Short Festival (Greece, Sept '22) - Best Stop-Motion Animated Short Award

  • Animators Guild India Fest 2022 (Mumbai, India, Nov '22)

  • Sharjah International Film Festival For Children & Youth (SIFF) (UAE, Oct '22)

  • Al Marmoom Dubai Culture Open Air Film Festival (UAE, Dec '22)

  • Student World Impact Film Festival - Finalist (US, Nov '22)


Production: National Film & Television School

Directed & Animated: Neeraja Raj

Screenwriters: Vanessa Rose, Neeraja Raj, Nathan Hardisty

Cinematographer: Rachel Liew

Production Designer: Andrew Merrison

Editor: Constance Brannick

Composer: Cora Miron

Sound Designer: Ross Wilkes-Houghton

Voice Actors: David Hoult, Paul Panting, Joanna Ruiz

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