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Animation Film | NID | 2016


Directed & Written by

Neeraja Raj

'Stars,' is a heartwarming 2D animated story about the power of kindness. Inspired by the antics of my little brother, it follows a young boy and his best friend (a silly little pug) spreading joy by placing star-shaped stickers on unsuspecting passersby - giving their vote of approval for the day.

Director's Statement


Production History


Behind the scenes

Festivals Selections

  • World Premiere at ANIMAC International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia (Spain, Mar 2017)

  • US Premiere at Open World Animation Festival (Pennsylvania, USA, May 2017)

  • VAFI & RAFI - International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival (Varaždin & Rijeka, Croatia, May 2017)

  • Kraken Con Animation Fest (California, US, September 2017)

  • Anim!Arte - 13th International Student Animation Festival (Brazil, August 2017)

  • Rushes National Film Festival RNFF (Bangalore, Mar 2017)


Production: National Institute of Design

Directed, Written & Animated: Neeraja Raj

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