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Animation Documentary Film | Room to Read | 2023

She Creates Change

Directed & Written by

Neeraja Raj

'She Creates Change': A groundbreaking nonprofit initiative championing gender equality through animation and live-action films. Led by Emmy-winner Martha Adams and a diverse team of women directors, including myself, these documentaries spotlight the inspiring journeys of six courageous young women from marginalized communities across Asia and Africa.

I directed and wrote the animation film featuring Diksha from Nepal, who courageously challenged discrimination and advocated for gender equality. Set for release on International Women's Day 2024, the film aims to empower 432 million adolescent girls worldwide to drive positive change in their communities.

Director's Statement

Growing up in Indonesia, the UAE, and India, I was constantly adapting as the 'new kid' in different schools around the world. My experiences, marked by bullying due to my skin colour, deeply connect with Diksha's tale, reflecting shared struggles of discrimination faced by many Indian girls. Through art and filmmaking, I found solace and now, I aim to empower young girls like Diksha, guiding them to seize control of their agency. This film isn't just a narrative; it's a shared experience. I hope to unlock the potential within each young viewer.

Production History

Over the span of a year, I got to creatively lead this tale with an all-women team of animation artists, voice actors, composers, and VFX artists curated by BAFTA-winning Nexus Studios. Each of these talented women brought unique and diverse talents to the story.

I collaborated with Emmy-winning Series producer Martha Adams, Executive producers Brenda Chapman ('Brave) and Jill Culton ('Abominable'), and actress Amita Suman ('Shadow and Bone') - who voiced Diksha!

Additional material

Teaming up with famous Rebel Girls, the films were adapted for an exclusive 'She Creates Change' book, showcasing stories of girls from the Girls' Education Program - including our young Diksha! These young changemakers have defied expectations, from challenging early marriage to unjust colourism. Paired with tales of their heroes, this book celebrates resilience and empowerment.

Click the book to download a copy!


Behind the scenes


Brand: Room to Read

Production Company: Nexus Studios

Director: Neeraja Raj

Executive Producer: Julia Parfitt

Project Lead: Fabien Glasse

Storyboarder: Neeraja Raj

Editor: Dave Slade

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